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Just In Time


Justin lives a comfortable life with Camille, a loving and compassionate Puerto Rican woman. He is about to embark on a successful career as a computer programmer and is engaged to Mia, a smart and beautiful Latina. Everything is perfect until Justin’s issues start to emerge. Something is wrong, so he sets out to find his birth parents. Justin hits the road and what he discovers is not what you expect. Approaching the innermost cave, Justin is given a glimpse at the inner demons that have been surfacing, and what could destroy him later in life. Emotions run high and Justin’s strength is tested. Will he return home with the Elixir?

Saturday, Feb 22nd - Hill City - Film Session F 7:00 - 10:00 pm

Saturday, Feb 22nd - Hot Springs - Film Session K 7:00 - 9:30 pm

U.S.A., Short Narrative, 25 minutes Adult Content, Language

Director: Christopher Martini 

Writers: Christopher Martini, Kristi Anderson Ornstein

Producers: Kristi Anderson Ornstein, Jackson George, Christopher Martini

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